Disaster Preparedness Barriers – OVERWHELMED

You are now convinced that disasters are in your future, and that preparing for them makes all the difference in the amount of safety, protection, and comfort you will have both before and after they strike.

So, now you glance through the pages on this website to begin. And before you've hardly gotten started, you think,

My goodness! This is a lot to do!!!

Before you are tempted to put preparing off until_______ (you fill in the blank), consider these two ideas:

  1. Everything does not have to be done today, and

  2. In fact, it's actually best if you don't do it all today!

Disaster preparedness is more than completing a checklist of activities. Effective preparedness becomes a way of life, meaning we are ready for disaster, whenever it strikes.

We don't dwell on disaster. But by visiting it monthly, we become comfortable in its reality, and ready for its occurrence.


Get out your planning calendar. Each month, make a note to check this website. We will provide monthly preparedness activities, monthly practice exercises (think games), and facts/quotes/tips to ponder.

Want more? Go to mapyourneighborhood.org

for neighborhood preparedness information and resources.

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