Disaster Preparedness Barriers – I'M SKEPTICAL

Once you accept the reality of disasters occurring, it's normal to wonder if it's really possible, or worthwhile, to prepare for major disasters.

Thoughts like these are not uncommon,

Okay, it's going to happen. I don't like it, but I accept that fact. Hmmm.... But, I do wonder since it's going to be kinda bad if there it really anything I can do. I mean, earthquakes are strong enough to move whole mountain ranges. I can puny little me really do?

If this sounds familiar, be assured that preparing does make all the difference.


Preparing gives both physical and emotional comfort and protection.


Try an experiment. Choose one of these and do it – right now:

  1. Choose one safe place in your home and practice getting in it.

  2. Fill a two-liter soda pop bottle with water and put it in your closet.

  3. Choose an Out-of-Area Contact person and call them to let them know of your plan.

When you've done one of these, pause and reflect on how having completed the activity makes you feel.

Preparedness activity begins to replace fear with confidence, and skepticism with determination. It also gives you the benefit of that preparedness on the day of the disaster.

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