Disaster Preparedness Barriers – MONEY

Because money may be tight, you may conclude that disaster preparedness is not for you, at least not right now because you cannot afford it. You may conclude, consequently, that you are excused from all things preparedness.

Be cautious of this way of thinking. Many preparedness activities cost nothing – but a commitment to do them! For example, you can store water in two-liter soda pop bottles. It costs nothing to recycle these water-filled bottles right to your disaster storage.

Establishing an Out-of-Area Contact costs nothing – except five minutes to make a card with that person's phone number. The return on this investment is peace of mind that comes from being able to find out that loved ones are safe, even though you may be separated for hours or even days.

Some preparedness activities do cost money to complete.


Consider a cost-benefit analysis. COST: How much did your computer and other electronics cost? BENEFIT: You can secure those items to their desk/counter tops with Velcro™ for less than a dollar!

Additional BENEFIT: you will enjoy piece of mind in knowing you have protected your valued possessions.

Recommended Strategy:

  • Make a note on your calendar of preparedness activities that cost nothing, and those that are within your budget.

  • Plan when you will complete those items.

Remember, it costs less to prepare than it does to repair.

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