Disaster Preparedness Barriers – NOT ME

Let's call this the "not in my backyard" barrier. It's human nature to think that major disasters happen somewhere else. If not another country or state, at least across town.

The facts show this is not wise thinking. The vast majority, one day, will be confronted by the realities of disaster.

Given the facts, which makes the most sense?:

  1. Pretending that disasters will never happen, which, we then conclude, eliminates the need for action.  –OR–

  2. Accepting the fact that disasters are inevitable, which makes preparing for them a pretty good idea.

Accepting the fact that disasters happen does not mean you now must think doom and gloomy thoughts.

Quite the opposite. As you both accept their probability and begin to prepare for them, you will find disbelief, uncertainty, and fear begin to be replaced by the positive emotions of confidence, empowerment, and peace.


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