Disaster Preparedness Barriers – CAN I DO IT?

This is a very thoughtful question.

You've recognized you need to sit down with your loved ones and discuss disaster safety. Maybe you feel uncomfortable talking about less-than-delightful topics.

You've identified tall furniture that needs to be secured to wall studs. You've never drilled a hole in a wall before, and you cannot really imagine yourself doing it now.

Before you give up on something as important as preparing your loved ones for disaster, take a few moments to consider:

  1. Who can you get to help you with some of these tasks?

  2. Who can you trade tasks with? Maybe you'll buy their first aid supplies and they'll bolt your bookcase.

  3. Many people have been pleasantly surprised to learn it is not as difficult to do these activities as they once thought.

This becomes especially true as you adopt the strategy of completing just one preparedness activity each month.


There's no time like the present to begin! Jump in!!

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