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We invite you to be part of our conversation. I have learned that the best preparedness is that which occurs in a neighborhood, community, or group. 

Dennis Mileti, PhD, is a retired professor and chair of the department of sociology and director emeritus of the Natural Hazards Center. He is author of more than 100 publications most of which focus on the sociality of preparing for and responding to disasters. Decades of his research has concluded, 

Short of experiencing an actual disaster, the single most important factor to motivate people [to prepare] is to have other people in their lives talk about preparedness.

Human beings are wired to do what we see others do.

Motivation increases as we talk to each other about what we are doing to prepare.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the opinions expressed on my blog are mine and mine alone. (The facts, however, have been verified both by research and experience.) I invite your comments and experiences. I do request that our sharing of ideas remain courteous. If you have negative comments to share, please start your own blog. I reserve the right to remove anything that goes contrary to what I know, have done, or have experienced.

Dennis Mileti, PhD

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