PRACTICE: Evacuation – 5 Minute Drill

Evacuate NOW!  A 5-Minute Drill

A few months ago, we helped you prepare an Evacuation Priority List of necessities (like medications) and cherished valuables (like journals and photos). You should have this list stored under your bed in an old pillowcase, which serves as a handy grab-n-go 'sack.' It is now time to practice! There is nothing like setting a timer for 5 minutes, and gathering your designated items, to learn just how quickly those minutes fly by. Set a timer for 5 minutes. When the timer goes off, STOP. Analyze what you did not have time to gather that you wish you had. Contemplate re-prioritizing your list. And, do you maybe need two pillowcases?! For complete information, go to: www.spandisaster.org

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