SPAN's First Four – a Process

Process is the key to preparedness success!

Process is a series of activities one takes to achieve a goal. It is not a checklist. It is not 'one-&-done.'

Process enables a routine revisit of preparedness, without obsessing about it. It facilitates mental readiness, without the need to dwell on disaster. Process allows for steady progress.

SPAN's First Four will enable you to help your people complete these cost-free, easy-to-do activities  – and their practice exercises – that have been shown to:

  • decrease worry about loved ones (by establishing an Out-of-Area Contact Person)

  • prevent the most common disaster injury (by keeping a pair of sturdy shoes under the bed to protect your feet from serious cuts)

  • provide water for a minimum of three days (by repurposing two-liter pop bottles)

  • increase the likelihood that you and your loved ones will immediately move to best, most safe place in each room of your home (by identifying safe places and practicing getting in them)

Four Months.

Four Preparedness Activities.

Four Practices.  

Four Sets of Bulletin Announcements – to help you.


As the Ward Preparedness Specialist, you may want to guide people through this recommended sequence of activities, month by month, by utilizing the Bulletin Announcements found here:

Month #1:

  • First Sunday – PREPARE – Drop.Cover.Hold. Identify Safe Places In Each Room

  • Third Sunday – PRACTICE – Drop.Cover.Hold. Getting In Your Safe Places

Month #2:

  • First Sunday – PREPARE – Out-of-Area Contact Contact Cards

  • Third Sunday – PRACTICE – Practicing Calling Your Out-of-Area Contact

Month #3:

  • First Sunday – PREPARE – Storing Your Water

  • Third Sunday – PRACTICE – Using Your Water to Flush the Toilet

Month #4:

  • First Sunday – PREPARE – Preventing the Most Common Injury

  • Third Sunday – PRACTICE – DCH & Putting On Your Shoes

1st & 3rd Sunday of Each Month

= Prepare

= Practice

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