Disaster Preparedness Barriers – TIME

Many of us use daily planners or calendars to help us tack our busy lives. We prioritize our activities according to what has been noted on our calendar.

The occurrence of disasters, of course, is not something we can put on the calendar. If we could accurately predict, You will be impacted by an earthquake three weeks from Thursday, chances are you would write that on your calendar.

And I bet you would also write down those things you would do to prepare for it.

Because we don't know when disasters will occur, it may seem difficult – and perhaps even unnecessary – to designate time on the calendar for when you will prepare.

One thing is certain, however. 

When disaster occurs, it instantly will be the only event on the calendar that matters. Nothing we have planned will take priority over our responding to the consequences the disaster has generated.

So, how do we make preparing for disasters a priority?

Recommended Strategy:

  • Get your calendar.

  • Choose one day each month as the day when you will complete our recommended monthly activity.

  • Write "Disaster Prep" on your chosen day. Highlight it as a priority item.

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