SPAN's #4  Prevent Cut Feet –

Place Sturdy Shoes Under Each Bed

WHY? Have you ever stepped on broken glass? Or sharp debris? Then you know cuts on one's feet are painful and tend to bleed a lot. They also are easily infected.


The ground movement of earthquakes and other disasters can cause items on our homes, like those made of glass, to fall and shatter. If it is dark, it can be especially difficult to see these sharp objects among the debris that likely is on the floor.

WHAT? Protect your feet from broken glass! Sturdy shoes are the answer. Any pair of shoes with a thick sole, like an old pair of hiking or work boots, are excellent choices. Some tennis shoes also have thick soles. Avoid all shoes that have an open toe or heel.

HOW? The goal is to get a pair of sturdy shoes on the feet of each loved ones immediately following disaster. This is accomplished by knowing where these shoes are, and remembering to put them on. So,

  1. Knowing: Put a pair of sturdy shoes under the bed of each loved one. That way, everyone always knows where these shoes are. It is best to choose a pair that is not used every day. The likelihood that you will remember to put them under the bed each night diminishes over time. When you purchase a new pair, put the old ones under your bed!

  2. Remembering: Practice putting these shoes on in simulated disasters. Practicing is critical in establishing the muscle memory that will help you do safe things. Click here for an immediate way to practice. Watch for the additional simulated events we will provide.

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