SPAN's #4  Shoes Under the Bed


Each loved one in your household should have a pair of sturdy shoes under his/her bed.


A major earthquake has just occurred. Your house shook violently for 25 seconds. You heard items in your home, including what sounded like your solid wood bookcase, crash to the ground. It sounded like cabinets have spilled their contents.


  1. Turn off the lights to simulate a power outage. 

  2. Without being overly dramatic, especially if you have small children, look around the room you are in and discuss what might fall and break in a big earthquake. (Also know that ALL of those items can – and should – be secured to prevent their breakage Tell your family you have a plan to secure them.)

  3. Review the basics of Drop! Cover! Hold! (click here for guidance)

  4. Review the safe place for earthquake safety in each bedroom. (click here from guidance)

  5. Have each person go to his/her bedroom. After a few minutes, have someone blow a whistle (or some other signal), indicating that everyone should immediately get in that room's safe place.

  6. Instruct your loved ones to count to ten (10), simulating the duration of the earthquake.

  7. Then, each person immediately should put on her/his sturdy shoes.


  1. Ask each person to report on the room they were in. Where did she/he go to be safe? Was it the best place for that room? Why?

  2. Ensure that each person has on a pair of sturdy shoes.

  3. You may want to put each pair of shoes into a plastic grocery bag, to protect them from debris, before putting them back under the beds.

  4. Thank everyone for participating, and send them to their rooms to put their shoes under their bed. Allow even small children to do this. It will reinforce their knowledge about, and confidence in, these shoes.

  5. Make sure to compliment everyone for participating in this Practice. It's possible not everything went as planned. That is the point of practicing.

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