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WATER – essential for survival

June 1, 2018

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WATER – essential for survival

June 1, 2018

Have you ever contemplated what the word essential means? It means there is no wiggle room, no debate. It means absolutely necessary.


That is how important water is to surviving a disaster. Our bodies require it to sustain life. We can get by without food, but not water.



We need water for drinking, and so do our loved ones and pets. We need it for food

preparation. We need it, eventually, for hygiene. And it is really terrific to have some extra water stored to flush the toilet. You will be the most popular person on your block if you can use your very own potty rather than a bucket, and invite your neighbors in to do the same.





So, let's get to it. We recommend that you store a minimum of three gallons of water for each person in your house.


Experts teach that we each need one gallon of water per day. Take a moment to consider all the ways you use water throughout the day and you will discover that one gallon per day is the minimum you should store.


We recommend that you be prepared for a minimum of three days, which means three gallons of water. Experience shows it generally takes about 72 hours for response and support teams to organize and become available. Of course, there are also plenty of disasters that have taken much longer than three days for help to arrive. Please use your best judgement here as to how many days you should prepare for.


I recommend starting with three days. This is do-able for every person. Once you have three days of water, then add to it to the amount you feel necessary for your household.


The container we recommend you us is a two-liter soda pop bottle.

 Juice bottles also work, as long as they are not glass. Do not use gallon milk jugs, even if you rinse them out very well, or gallon water jugs made of a similar plastic. This plastic is designed to rapidly bio-degrade. This means they will not hold up for long-term storage. I have countless stories of people have experienced these jugs cracking and making a terrible mess. These stories also contain the heartbreak of valued disaster supplies being ruined by mildew and mold.


Now for the math, [using two-liter (roughly 1/2 gallon) soda pop bottles]: 


One gallon/day  X  three days  X  2 two-liter bottles  =  6 bottles / person


Example: 6 bottles/person  X  4 people in the household  =  24 bottles


Where Do I Put All Those Bottles?


Holy smokes! I can hear you saying that!! Where I am going to put all those bottles?? The answer is really quite simple: Consider doing this activity a priority rather than an inconvenience and you will be amazed at how easy it is to find all kinds of places to store your water: behind the sofa, in the corners of closets, under the stairs, under your bed, and obviously in the garage if you have one.


We had a friend who lived in a studio apartment who died. Upon cleaning out her

 apartment, over 100 filled two-liter pop bottles were discovered! She took her preparedness seriously. And she found great delight at the thought of being able to help out a neighbor in distress.


But I don't drink soda pop!


Another frequent question is: I don't drink pop. What am I supposed to do? My answer: Buy the store brand soda. That pop is cheap. Also watch for holiday specials, like the 4th of July, when soda goes on sale. Dump the pop down the drain. What you are purchasing is the bottle – and your survival.


Click here for more information about how to store water for the long-term.



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