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WATER – essential for survival

June 1, 2018

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"Evacuate NOW!" – what do I grab?

August 4, 2018

The order to Evacuate NOW! may come with little – or no – warning. Those who have experienced this often report they simply grabbed whatever was close at hand – the umbrella by the door for guests, the sack of TV snacks, the bag with the bowling ball. They neglected essentials (like medications) and forgot cherished valuables (like journals, photos, and scriptures).


The Challenge? Most of us do not think our best when under stress. Surround ourselves with disaster, and it can be almost impossible.


The Solution? Being able quickly to grab necessities and valuables requires advance planning. Here's what to do:


Create An Evacuation List


  1. Grab a pencil and paper. For a downloadable List, click here.


  2. Walk through every room and space in your home. Remember to include attics, storage spaces, garages, and basements. Write down those things you would want to remember in an evacuation.

  3. Prioritize your list. There are no right answers here. I cherish the marbles, magnets, pieces of chain, and polished glass fragments I carried for years in my pockets. These are high on my List – but might be on your 'junk it' list.

  4. Now, divide your List according to 'time.' What would you grab if you are told you need to evacuate right now? (This List should include medications, and anything you need to sustain life.) If you are given 5 minutes? 10 minutes? 30 minutes?

  5. Place your List in an old pillowcase, and store it under your bed. The pillowcase becomes a handy 'sack' in which you quickly can gather your items.


People who have experienced an urgent call to Evacuate Now! give this advice:

Create your Evacuation List today. Do Not Delay!

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