Ward Preparedness Specialist

Bulletin / Email Announcements
Inserts / Handouts (1/2 sheet)

As a Ward Preparedness Specialist, you may consider guiding the people in your Ward through a systematic program of preparing for and practicing a response to disaster. 


We have tried to make this easy for you! Each month, we prepare monthly preparedness activities, practices, & quotes/facts. 


To help you 'announce' these monthly activities to your Ward members, we have provided short announcements that can be printed in the Ward Bulletin, or sent out as an email. You easily should be able to cut-and-paste these announcements to send to your Bulletin Specialist, or into a document of your choosing.

These are arranged alphabetically. CLICK on the underlined topic. This automatically will take you to that Announcement or Handout.


Additionally, if you would like to provide your members with a little more motivational information and a take-home reminder, we have prepared half-sheet inserts that can be added to the Ward Bulletin, or used as a handout in third-hour meetings. These are designed to print, and then cut in half. They are prepared in color, but work nicely in black-and-white as well.

Want more? Go to mapyourneighborhood.org

for neighborhood preparedness information and resources.

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