Why Monthly?

Because effective preparedness is a journey, and not a destination.  Nor is it a checklist.


Effective preparedness requires ongoing maintenance.


For example, you may have an Out-of-Area Contact Card in your wallet right now. Excellent! But how long has it been since you looked at it? I've talked with literally tens of thousands of people about this. I ask them to pull their Contact Card out of their wallets. You would be surprised (chagrined?) at how many of those contacts, established years ago, have died.

My point is, you should not complete a preparedness task and never revisit it. Unless we are talking about mitigation activities (things like securing a bookcase to the wall studs), preparedness simply must be revisited. I know of people whose 72-hours kits have diapers in them for their now teenage children.

This does not mean that we dwell on disasters, nor on preparing for them, all the time.

I do this for a living, and even I do not – nor would I want to – think about disasters continuously. 

But we must be willing to revisit preparedness routinely.


I have found, through 30 years of professional experience, that a monthly routine works very well for most every person. This allows us to make steady progress. This helps ensure that whenever disaster does strike, we are more ready – mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Our job here is to make this easy and rewarding. 

Check back here every month for next steps in your preparedness journey. You will find many of our activities can be completed in an hour or less.

We will help you complete one preparedness activity and one practice response exercise each month.

Every action taken today ensures comfort and safety tomorrow. Join us on this proven, tested, rewarding journey.

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